Who We Are

Back in 1896 John and Sarah Nairn established a village bakery in Strathaven, Lanarkshire producing traditional oatcakes from local Scottish oats. John Nairn delivered the bakery’s bounty to local grocers and merchants while Sarah supervised in the bakery. She wanted to be sure that the oatcakes that left the Nairn’s bakery were as good as the ones that she produced in her own kitchen.
The original bakery was lost to a fire but the Nairn’s family business prospered and grew. Now based in Edinburgh, we have retained the original Nairn’s family principles of producing wholesome, traditional oatcakes as naturally as possible.

While the founding Nairns might be surprised at the breadth of our range, we think that they would be proud of the company today. We’ve become a household name, taking the naturally energising properties of oats and delivering them in versatile, delicious products which help you get the most out of your day.