A Day on a Plate.....

As a fitness instructor, Enrica Ross is always on the go.  Sharing her time between Zumba classes and teaching children in schools and dance workshops, Enrica looks to maintain a healthy balanced diet and tries her best to schedule regular meal times throughout her busy working week.

“I start the day with a banana, as it's quick and easy to eat before taking my first fitness class.  I eat it on the way to my class, as it gives me the right amount of energy without leaving me feeling too full.  After an energetic class, I tend to reach for oatcakes and some kind of fruit.  I really like Nairn’s Herb and Pumpkin Seed flavour, as they’re really tasty and go great with an apple to get me through the morning in between classes.  I like to add some tuna mayonnaise and tomatoes to the oatcakes and the slow release energy from the oats keeps me going through the day as a handy snack to pick up when I get the chance.

Lunch is usually around 2pm during the week, but tends to be earlier at the weekend when I have a full day at the dance workshop.  I like poached eggs or mackerel on toast, but can sometimes feel bloated after eating bread so I’ve been trying oatcakes as a substitute and they are proving just as tasty and also leave me feeling more energetic and less bloated.

The afternoon usually passes quickly, and I’m good at making it to dinnertime without snacking – but after dinner is another story!  I vary my dinner each night and make sure I get a lot of protein in my diet.  My partner is a personal trainer, so we usually eat chicken, fish or beef with plenty of vegetables.

After dinner is my ‘slump’ period, when I’m more likely to snack.  Chocolate is my downfall, as it gives me a sugar boost, although I am trying to be smarter about choosing snacks – like oat biscuits – to keep me fuller for longer.  I recently discovered Nairn’s Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits which are now a staple in my gym bag.

It’s important when taking part in exercise to maintain a healthy diet, and to eat well and regularly.  I always advise my clients on the importance of healthy eating, and oats are a great way to avoid unhealthy snacking without compromising on taste.”