Nairn's Oatcakes
in Australia

Nairn's is proud to share its naturally energising oaty food with you in Australia. Full of whole grain goodness our oatcake crackers can be enjoyed with a variety of different topping. Oats are packed with slow energy release carbohydrates, this means a more satisfying snack that keeps you going for longer! Our Oat Biscuits are bursting with natural flavours, a delicious healthy snack for the whole family.

GLUTEN FREE IN AUSTRALIA – Unfortunately we are unable to sell our Gluten Free Oat Range in Australia because the current legislation in Australia states Oats cannot be considered gluten free.  All our raw oats and also every batch is tested to below 20 parts per million which is accepted in almost all countries around the world, except Australia and New Zealand. 

Please have a look at the ranges available in Australia below.

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