A Simple Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs on Oatcakes

Stay full longer with this healthy and simple breakfast

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For those who know me really well, it will be no surprise that I am working in partnership with Nairn's, as I am a big fan of all things oaty, and especially oatcakes.


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Why do I love oatcakes? Well, for me, they are more than just something to slap a bit of cheese on at Christmas time, they are my favourite vehicle for all sorts of toppings all year round. For someone who is always busy, as well as watching my health and weight, they fit right into my busy lifestyle.

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I use them almost every day in place of bread, for breakfast, lunch and tea, and I would love to share my latest “easy-peasy” recipe for a quick breakfast dish with you today.

They contain a few simple ingredients, mainly oats, and there are NO artificial nasties in them, and no added sugar. Oatcakes are high in fibre and low in GI, so they make you feel fuller for longer, as well as keeping hunger at bay. They are easy to use, just pop open a box which contains individual sealed packets for freshness, and unlike bread, they don’t go stale after a few days!

But, apart from their obvious health benefits, they JUST taste wonderful too.

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Here’s a few ideas how I like to serve my oatcakes: with soup in place of bread, with boiled eggs, with casseroles and stews, with jam and lemon curd, with Cumberland Rum Butter (as seen above), with charcuterie, with pate, with smoked salmon, as a sandwich with assorted fillings, and with cheese too, of course!

And, I also use them in baking, often as a base for savoury flans, quiches and cheesecakes. But, in addition to all those serving ideas above, I also love serving them in place of toast, for a simple and quick breakfast, like today’s recipe idea for Scrambled Eggs on Oatcakes with Chives & Cherry Tomatoes.

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The recipe, such as it is, is simplicity itself, with the eggs being microwaved, and the whole breakfast being on the table in 5 minutes. The perfect and healthy breakfast for busy people and guaranteed to stop you straying to the tea and cake trolley mid-morning! Serve this high protein and high fibre breakfast with a few extra cherry tomatoes to add to your five-a-day and use any herbs that are in season.

Following Organic September, I would like to showcase Nairn's excellent Organic Oatcakes, which are enriched with oat bran – the oat bran is the part of the oat which is richest in fibre, particularly beta-glucans, a soluble fibre, and it’s this soluble fibre that helps to release energy slowly, makes you feel full, aiding digestion and helping to lower cholesterol.

I hope my first recipe will show you that you don’t need lots of ingredients to create a healthy and tasty serving idea, this easy breakfast recipe contains only eggs, milk, tomatoes, herbs and oatcakes.

it would also make a filling lunch or supper dish too, or dare I say, a “late night after the pub snack”! If you don’t use or have a microwave, then you can make the scrambled eggs the traditional way in a pan, but you will need to melt a little butter before adding the eggs, as they will stick otherwise.

You can find my recipe here. Keep popping back to see my other Nairn's Oatcakes recipes as I create them.