Getting the nation
'naturally energised'

We’ve teamed up with three food champions to ‘naturally energise’ the nation and encourage people of all ages to escape the lunchtime rut.

Well-known TV Chef Rachel Allen, acclaimed nutritionist Christine Bailey and Scottish cook, Lady Claire Macdonald have shared their favourite mouth-watering oatcake recipes with us to inspire those on the go to get creative with oatcakes.

Irish darling, Rachel Allen will unveil the secrets of being a busy, working mum with inspiring recipes for the family.

Renowned nutritionist and food consultant, Christine Bailey has created nutritious and tasty recipes which are a ‘must have’ for the modern day health conscious foodie.

Lady Claire Macdonald flies the flag for Scotland’s rich and diverse natural larder with a series of recipes incorporating fresh, local ingredients.

Check our website regularly for the latest hints and tips on how to stay ‘naturally energised’ with exciting topping ideas and activities to kick start every working week.

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