'Bring Your Own Lunch'
sweeps the nation as recession bites for UK consumers

Following our latest survey into the lunchtime habits of consumers, it seems the bring your own lunch (BYOL) concept is eating its way into the nation’s offices, with a massive 70% of office workers opting for a packed lunch to save money in the current climate.  

Our findings revealed that almost half of the packed lunch patrol feel their lunchtimes are stuck in a rut, and almost three quarters are hungry for more inspiration when it comes to lunch choices.

This lunchtime rut is down to:

· 44% of those questioned skipping lunch at least once a week - which is a concern for 2 in every 5, who feel they should be making more of daily lunchtimes

· The average working lunch break now being only 25.9 minutes – that’s less than 2 hours per working week!  

· The majority of the country eating ‘al desko’ and treating lunch as an additional action on the long to-do list

Even when we do make time for lunch:

· The current ‘soggy sandwich’ doesn’t cut the mustard, with 53% of those asked finding the traditional sandwich doesn’t fill them up and 37% feeling hungry again after only two hours

· 56% of us are too busy for lunch, yet 3 out of 5 of us wish we had more time for lunch

· 76% state that they like to make the most of their lunchtime

· 88% look to feel more naturally energised from their midday meal

Nairn’s is on a mission to naturally energise the working lunch and inject some inspiration into the lost lunch hour with Rachel Allen, who has created some naturally energising recipe and topping ideas and will be giving tips on how to balance a busy lifestyle with a daily, nutritious yet exciting lunch routine.

Renowned nutritionist and food consultant, Christine Bailey, and Scottish food ambassador Lady Claire Macdonald have also created delicious and nutritious recipe and topping ideas to help you feel naturally energised and keep you going for longer throughout the day.

Long live lunch! 

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