Lunchboxes Hit Top Of The Class

As school has started for Scottish pupils, Nairn’s is on a mission to inspire parents and provide delicious ideas to help place lunchboxes at the top of the back to school checklist next to new uniforms, pens and pencils.

By the time the rest of the UK goes back to school next month, 4 million children will set off with packed lunches, and according to our latest research, it seems their parents will also be packing a lunch as they return to work after their summer break.

From our recent study into the country’s lunch habits, the Bring Your Own Lunch (BYOL) revolution is sweeping the nation with a massive 70% of office workers opting for a packed lunch in a bid to save money and stay naturally energised throughout the day.

Lunchboxes are an easy way to provide children and adults with healthy, nutritious food and if you fill them with the right things, a packed lunch can keep you going throughout the day and help to avoid the afternoon slump. You can avoid the daily lunch dilemma by preparing lunch box fillers at the weekend, making a few variations to keep you and the kids inspired throughout the week.

Top lunchbox fillings:

· Monday – Mango & Feta Salsa 

· Tuesday – The Oatcake Cheese Dunker 

· Wednesday – Mediterranean Mozzarella & Tomato 

· Thursday – Moroccan Apricot Bean Spread 

· Friday – Creamy Chicken Pesto 

Tips for healthy packed lunches:

· Try to include oil-rich fish like mackerel and prepare a pate that will last a few days

· Children often get bored with the same lunch every day, so make sure to offer a selection of foods throughout the week

· Food that looks good, tastes good too, so appeal to children with a variety of foods with different colours and textures

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