Yummy Mummies
Run on Empty Tummies

Recent Nairn's research has revealed that despite 92% of children in the UK being given a regular after-school snack, mummies aren't so yummy when it comes to their own daily diets.  A massive 71% of mums rely on a caffeine fix of tea or coffee to kick-start their day after the school run and 71% admit to turning to unhealthy snacks later in the afternoon, creating sugar highs and lows which cause energy levels to fluctuate throughout the day.

These erratic snacking habits result in 65% of mums experiencing an energy crash usually after school at a time when they are expected to keep the kids entertained.  As 78% recognise the need to feel more energised in the afternoon, Nairn's is on a mission to help mums keep their energy levels up throughout the day.  Simple changes, like adding oats to daily diets, provides mums with the fuel they need to get the most out of every day and keep up with their kids.

Nairn's suggests that mums introduce slow release energy ingredients such as oats into their own daily diets.  The slow release energy from regular healthy snacking will give mums the chance to get the most out of every day and keep up with their kids!

TV chef Rachel Allen and nutritionist Christine Bailey have created some tasty recipe and oatcake topping ideas to help make everyday snacking part of a healthy, balanced diet for both mums and kids.  

If you are looking for ideas to help boost energy levels, why not try some of Rachel's and Christine's suggestions, such as Raspberry Coconut Sandwiches, Cucumber Pickle, Chive and Bean Mash or Mango and Feta Salsa.



Healthy snacking is good for mums and kids