After school
snack time

Looking for inspiration for healthy lunchboxes? Or an afternoon snack to tide them over until dinner which is healthier than biscuits or crisps? Looking for healthy snacks for kids can sometimes be difficult if they have particular tastes, but that’s why oatcakes are a perfect healthy snack idea, due to the ability to mix and match toppings very easily. 

If your child loves savoury foods, try our oatcakes with hummus or ham for a delicious snack, or jam, peanut butter or even chocolate spread for a little treat for those children with a sweet tooth. Oatcakes and chocolate spread, believe it or not, do taste great!

Oatcakes are a low GI food and release energy slowly, making them perfect snacks for kids who are busy with school and club activities. Having oatcakes with a protein rich topping can stave off hunger cravings between meals, and are a healthier snack alternative to the school’s tuck shop.