Low GI
Snack Time

“Low GI foods help to keep your blood sugar levels even, so help with weight control, as well as energy, and concentration levels. Since oatcakes are high in soluble fibre and contain no added sugar, they have a low GI, so are digested slowly by your body, keeping your blood sugar levels even. They also help you feel fuller for longer so you don’t feel hungry again so soon.

High GI foods, like white bread, cornflakes and rice cakes are digested quickly. This provides a short-term boost to your blood sugar level, followed by a blood sugar low a few hours later, leaving you feeling hungry and exhausted.

When you combine low GI foods with protein and a little bit of fat, e.g. combining oatcakes with hummus, smoked mackerel pâté or peanut butter, you get an even slower release of energy.

Following a low GI diet can help you keep your energy levels up and cut back on snacking, so helping you stay in control of your weight and energy levels. Plus each oatcake is only 35 - 45 calories. That's why Nairn's oatcakes are my favourite all round healthy meal or snack."

Patrick Holford,

leading nutritionist, author and founder of the Institiute for Optimum Nutrition