Our tasty, wholesome oat biscuits are bursting with natural flavour. They contain no artificial colours or flavours, are full of the goodness of wholegrain Scottish oats and come in 4 delicious flavours - Stem Ginger, Dark Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berries and Fruit and Spice. Our biscuits are the perfect little treat to accompany a cup of tea or coffee, or help when you need a pick me up. 

Packed in handy pouch packs, Nairn's Scottish Oat Biscuits are easy to pop in your bag for on the go, or keep in your desk at work for those biscuit emergencies!

Stem Ginger


Dark Chocolate Chip

Our deliciously zingy stem ginger oat biscuits are full of the goodness of Scottish wholegrain oats, making them the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.


 Packed with dark chocolate pieces, our naturally wheat free chocolate chip oat biscuits are the ideal wholesome snack when you’re on the go.

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Fruit & Spice


Mixed Berries

 Flavoured with a delicate blend of dried fruit and wintery spices, our delicious fruit and spice oat biscuits contain 40% less sugar than the average sweet biscuit. 


Bursting with the natural sweetness of cranberries and raspberries, our delectable mixed berry oat biscuits are made with wholegrain Scottish oats. 

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