Bacon, spicy mango
& banana


  1. Grill the two streaky bacon strips for 4 minutes, turning half way through until they are crisp and sizzling.

  2. Half a small banana and slice two, pound coin sized pieces for each oat cracker thin.

  3. Carefully slice a bacon strip in two and place on the oat thin. Pile two banana chunks on top and drizzle some spicy mango chutney on top.

  4. Repeat the process for your second oat cracker thin.

  5. Cram into your mouth and savour the oat crunch and salty sweetness!

Serves: 2
Preparation time: 7 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins
Difficulty level: Medium


  • 2 Nairns Oat Cracker Thins

  • 2 x Streaky bacon pieces

  • 1/2 a small banana

  • 2 x small teaspoonfuls of spicy mango chutney