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Packing oat snacks into lunchboxes is a fantastic way of helping your kids get their daily dose of wholegrains. Full of essential vitamins and fibre, Nairn’s oatcakes are both delicious and versatile which makes them incredibly handy when your children are craving something new to eat. 

Oat snacks for kids’ lunchboxes

Have a look at our lunch ideas for kids and get inspired to pack them something tasty and nutritious for school tomorrow! 

Gluten free Astro Bites


If you’re looking for snacks for your little ones, our Gluten Free Astro Bites are a great option for when you’re on the go or for packing in lunchboxes. These space-themed mini biscuits are full of the goodness of gluten free wholegrain oats, ensuring that your kids are always ready to blast off on a new adventure. Plus, our Astro Bites keep your kids full of natural energy without the sugar high as they contain at least 40% less sugar than the average children’s biscuit. Wrapped in handy mini bags, these gluten free biscuits are perfect for popping into lunchboxes, slipping into school bags or packing into picnic baskets. With yummy flavours like cheese, berry and choc chip to choose from, we’re sure your little astronauts will love our Astro Bites!

Oat waffles 


For any kid that loves breakfast for lunch, our oat waffles are the perfect choice! All you need to do is crush our Fine Milled Oatcakes or grind our Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats into a floury dust and mix this with baking powder, salt, and wet ingredients like eggs, honey, butter and milk. Combine your batter, keeping it relatively thick, and get rid of any lumps before pouring it into your waffle iron. It’s really that easy! If your child is old enough, you could even pack some waffle toppings into their lunchbox for them to add, like fresh berries or fruit jam. 

Gluten free Biscuit Breaks


Wrapped in handy pouch packs, our Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks make the perfect mid-morning, afternoon or after school snack for busy kids. With the same crunch, texture and taste as non-gluten free biscuits, our biscuit breaks are a tasty treat for children with a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease and are ideal for popping into bags or lunchboxes. As they contain less sugar than other sweet gluten free biscuits, our Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks will keep your littles ones energised without the dreaded sugar slump and, like any good biscuit, they’re deliciously dunkable. The gluten free wholegrain oats in our recipe release their energy slowly and are also high in fibre, so you know that our oat snacks are a nutritious option for your kids. Choose from classic combinations like syrup or chocolate, as well as exciting flavours like stem ginger.  

Smoothie with oats


Oats are a natural ingredient that taste great when added to a refreshing smoothie. It’s all too often that kids go for fizzy drinks or sugar-filled milkshakes during lunch. Smoothies are a good alternative and can be prepared at home to enjoy throughout the week. Our oat and berry smoothie is a nutritious drink option that’ll give your child a natural energy boost for the rest of their school day. Grind up an oatcake of your choice or a spoonful of our Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats and blend the powder with natural or fruit yoghurt. Add your choice of fresh berries like strawberries or blueberries, and milk and blend again for a creamy milkshake that’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

Savoury oatcake toppings


Not every oat snack has to be sweet! Our oatcakes go well with all sorts of savoury toppings that are perfect for lunchboxes or a nutritious after-school snack. Why not try a couple of oatcakes topped with creamy guacamole dip or served with plate of fresh veg sticks and hummus? These tasty combinations are sure to keep little ones full until dinner and are more wholesome than a packet of crisps or sugar-filled biscuits. If you have fussy eaters on your hands, opt for classic toppings like cheddar and pickle on our Cheese Oatcakes with a side of grapes or a mini BLT on an oatcake for a lighter snack.

Remember that at Nairn’s we also have a host of gluten-free oatcakes that can be substituted for the varieties used in these wholesome, tasty lunch ideas. Order your favourites online or find a stockist near you today! 

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