Canapé ideas with oats


Quick and easy canapé ideas to serve this Christmas

Over Christmas, it’s the bigger dinners and meals that get most of the attention, but when it comes to quick and easy bite-sized foods for party guests to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with canapés. These one-bite wonders are simple, stylish, and tick all the boxes that we think the perfect party food should – they’re easy to make, taste great and are brilliant with our very own oatcakes. They’re quick, easy, and keep hunger at bay whilst entertaining your guests in style. Whether it’s as the starter to a Christmas meal, or as a bite-sized snack to take over to a friend’s festive gathering, these nibbles always go down a treat.

Here are four of our favourite canapé ideas which feature oatcakes as the star of the show:

Pomegranate, feta & leafy greens


Based on one of our favourite salad recipes, the salty feta works well with the slightly sour pomegranate and the added crunch of the leafy greens. Have a look at our recipe to learn more. 


Crispy bacon, goat’s cheese & pan-fried tomatoes

You’ll probably have all of these ingredients left over from your Christmas dinner, so why not serve them in this delicious canapé? Follow our step-by-step guide and make your own today!

Fruity papaya cottage cheese 

Perfect for veggies, these tasty, vegetarian canapés only take five minutes to make. They’re a great last-minute addition to your dinner party or festive gathering! Make your own at home by following our simple recipe.


Beetroot & apple Waldorf salad

An update to the classic Waldorf salad, this vegetarian canapé recipe is the perfect starter for a special dinner party and tastes delicious when paired with our oatcakes. Find out how we make ours with our step-by-step guide.

With canapés, the possibilities are endless! We also love to make our own haggis canapés by mixing some warm haggis with a dollop of crème fraiche, fresh chives and a squeeze of lemon and spoon onto some of our Rough Oatcakes for a Hogmanay-worthy treat. Why not experiment and make your own with our Gluten-Free Oatcakes, which are the perfect accompaniment to all types of toppings and flavours. Get creative in the kitchen this festive season, and share your oat canapés with us!

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