Healthy alternatives: oats


Our favourite oaty alternatives

At Nairn’s, we believe that healthy eating should not mean a life without flavour or variety. All you need are a few simple changes to make a real difference to your diet; swapping out unhealthy choices for better (and often tastier) ones. As oats release their energy slowly, are low in fat and packed full of fibre and vitamins, they’re a source of goodness, as well as delicious. You can reap the health benefits of oats with our range of delicious oaty products by including them in an endless number of meals, snacks and sweet treats! Here are some of our favourite ways of putting an oaty spin on classic foods to make them a little more virtuous.

Oat Breadcrumbs

Give fishcakes an extra crunch or make chicken nuggets a little bit lighter by swapping breadcrumbs for oatcake crumbs. As well as giving a lovely golden colour when baked, our oatcakes release their energy more slowly than traditional white bread, helping you to keep going for longer. You can also blitz up some of our lovely oatcakes with cocoa powder and butter (or raw cacao powder and dates if you’re feeling extra healthy) to make a delicious gluten-free cheesecake base.

Dunk Your Oatcakes

A great lunchtime option, oatcakes and soup are a perfect pairing and leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than if you were dunking white bread into your steaming bowl of soup. You can always opt for a plate of our Cracked Black Pepper or Cheese oatcakes to complement the flavours of your soup, or why not use them to scoop up a traditional bowl of deliciously stodgy Scottish stovies? If you fancy a post-lunch snack, a few of our lovely oatcakes dunked into a bowl of red pepper hummus or guacamole will help to keep you going until dinner time. 

Grab and Go Snacks 

When you’re out and about or in a rush in the morning, it can be tempting to pick up a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar which will give you an initial spike of energy but leave you in a sugar slump soon after. The good news is that our oatcake Pouch Packs are just as easy to grab and go but are packed full of delicious, wholesome ingredients, making them a healthier snack option, as well as very tasty.

Oaty Breakfast Options

Start the day right with a scrumptious oat-filled breakfast that will keep your energy levels steady until lunchtime. Whether you like to tuck into a steaming bowl of porridge topped with nut butter and sliced banana or prefer to keep it simple with a bowl of our Gluten-Free Oat Muesli, you know that you’re fuelling your body for the day ahead. 

A more wholesome alternative to sugary cereals, oaty breakfasts are incredibly versatile, release their energy more slowly and help you to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, if you never have time for a sit-down breakfast, then our Gluten-Free Breakfast Biscuit Breaks are a great option for a nutritious meal on the go. 

Better Biscuits

There are few things better than a stack of biscuits and a cup of tea to dip them in, but everyday biscuits can leave you feeling hungry and reaching for the rest of the packet (we’ve all been there). Our lovely Oat Biscuits feel like an indulgent treat, with delicious natural flavours like mixed berries and dark chocolate chip, but they’re actually good for you! Made with 40% less sugar than run of the mill sweet biscuits and wrapped up in handy pouch packs, our oaty biscuits make a great snack any time – perfect for when the three o’clock munchies set in.

So, there you have it; a round-up of our favourite healthy alternatives packed full of wholesome oaty goodness. Why not try a few of these little changes and see if you notice a difference? Find out more about the benefits of oats online at Nairn’s and be sure to let us know what your go-to healthy alternatives are! 

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