'An Ode to Oatcakes'

An Ode to Oatcakes

Our friend Ruth who runs the blog is a big oatcake fan. So much so that she penned this fantastic poem to highlight just why she loves Nairn’s! We think it sums up our oatcakes and oaty ranges perfectly, what do you think?

'An Ode to Oatcakes'

by Ruth Holroyd


I love Nairns oatcakes because they go, 

with every meal and filling and so, 

I never leave my house without some.

When I forget it's a miserable outcome.


I eat them for breakfast with bacon or jam.

They're great with mustard and home-cooked ham.

With humous or tuna or cheese or salmon.

The list is endless, I could go on and on.


You can even dip flavoured ones in your tea.

Ginger, spiced fruit, syrup and chocolatey.

They taste really good to eat just plain.

And they're healthy too so you can't complain.

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