What to have with porridge?


How do you like your porridge?

Sweet or savoury? That’s probably the most important breakfast question, and it’s one we take seriously here at Nairn’s. Traditionally, porridge was eaten either with salt or milk, sugar and cream, but nowadays you can add almost anything you fancy, from chopped fruit and nuts to spices, syrups and even chocolate! That’s the great thing about cooking with oats: they’re versatile, taste delicious, and provide you with slow releasing energy to give you the best possible start to your day. 

If you’re not sure what to have with your porridge to help you feel energised, it’s easiest to start with deciding what kind of porridge oats you’re looking for. As most of us have somewhere to be in the morning – whether it’s work, school or even just beginning the day’s errands – it’s good to figure out how much time you have to devote to your breakfast porridge, and then choosing the topping you like the best. At Nairn’s, we’ve got three different types of porridge, each suited to different morning routines and dietary requirements: 

  • Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats: these are the traditional style of porridge oats, and can be prepared on the stove or in the microwave. Perfect if you’ve got some time, these are also ideal for making other oaty treats, such as a delicious cranachan pudding.
  • Gluten Free Instant Porridge Oats: a bit shorter for time in the morning? These instant porridge oats come in sachets and can be popped in the microwave with some milk or water for a quick yet filling breakfast. 
  • Gluten Free Easy Porridge: our delicious gluten free porridge in a pot! Ideal for those of you who’re rushed off your feet but still want to start your day the way you mean to go on. 

Now you’ve got an idea of what style of porridge oats you should pick, it’s time to get to the fun part: what to have with porridge! Our porridge oats taste great even with only a little milk or salt, but adding extra ingredients is a great way to pack some extra fibre, nutrients and vitamins into your breakfast. Here’s our favourite way to add some fruit to our day:

Oaty Fruit Salad


A real twist on the traditional porridge style, this has a little bit of everything, and is easy to mix and match according to your tastes. We particularly love the combination of apple slices and cinnamon: if you toast the oats slightly before you add them to the mix, it’s a perfectly warm breakfast suited to crisp, cold mornings. Choose apples that are in season in the autumn for an added bite. 

Quick and Easy Porridge Toppings

If you don’t have time to chop, mix and toast plenty of toppings, you can still add some extra flavour to your porridge with these quick ideas:

  • Nutmeg & cinnamon spices: delicious if you’re making your porridge with milk, simply stir in a pinch of each for a warming kick to your breakfast. Great if you’re making a porridge pot to take on the go!
  • Raisins and pumpkin seeds: perfect for vegetarians needing more protein, pumpkin seeds also provide iron, zinc and many other essential nutrients. Raisins in porridge are a classic, and the plumpness of them combined with the crunch of the seeds makes for a tasty, crunchy breakfast!
  • Dates and honey: a classic combination, this goes especially well with creamy porridge. If you’ve got time, you could chop large medjool dates for extra toffee texture. If not, simply buy some pre-chopped dates and scatter over with a generous tablespoon of runny honey. 
  • Peanuts: if you prefer a savoury porridge, why not add some peanuts to your morning meal? If you haven’t added salt to your porridge already, go for a salted option. If you have, enjoy the flavour combination that salted oats and crushed peanuts makes. Perfect for keeping hunger pangs at bay for hours!

What’s your favourite way of cooking with oats and porridge? Got any special toppings that bring a smile to your face every morning? Let us know!

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