Full marks for healthier eating.


“I’ve taught all stages throughout the school and love what I do,” says Stacy Taylor, who’s been teaching at Kirkliston Primary for 15 years. 

As a teacher you can imagine Stacy’s days are pretty full on. “I'm typically woken between 6am and 7am by one of my two children, Oliver (6) and Gracie (3) and then it's a mad rush to get the kids dressed, fed and ready for the day ahead.  Once I arrive at school, it's prep time for the day/lessons ahead, all before the bell rings at 8.50am.  It's then a day of different lessons, marking, further preparation and organisation… the list goes on. 

Break and lunch are often very short as they are taking up with grabbing resources and dealing with pupils.  I pack a bag full of jotters and lesson plans, and head home from work about 5.30pm to pick up the kids.  It's then homework, bath and bedtime routine.  My husband and I eat dinner once the kids are in bed.  Normally, I pull my workbag out about 8pm to continue with the work from that day.  I try to head to bed between 10pm and 11pm.”


While Stacy may be in charge of the wellbeing of a class full of children, she knows the key to her own wellbeing.Enough sleep and a husband who is a good listener,” Stacy tells us. “And spending time with my children is great for taking my mind off a busy day at work or any other pressures.  It all helps to keep things in perspective.” Physically, Stacy likes to walk with friends and tries to eat well as much as possible.  (“I'm not a great cook so healthy eating has to be quick and easy!”)  


Stacy notices that children are more conscious about healthy eating than they used to be. “Even the youngest children can sort healthy and unhealthy foods with ease.  However, the younger children are still very easily swayed by sugary/sweet choices - but we are finding that the older children are much more conscious of healthy eating and keen to make healthy choices,” says Stacy. 


As for Stacy? “I’m guilty of snacking, so it's really important that I have a tasty piece of fruit to hand so that I don't opt for biscuits or chocolate.  For lunch I tend to bring my own - homemade soup or oatcakes and humus are good options.  Bananas are my 'go to' snack!” says Stacy.

Healthy-eating certainly scores high for Stacy and puts her in a good food mood. “I notice a HUGE difference. I definitely feel better in myself.  I have more energy.”

Nutritionist Fiona Lawson says: I’m fascinated to hear that Stacey finds children are conscious of healthy eating—it’s clear we’re all becoming aware of how our diet can affect our health. For someone who is so busy, it seems Stacey does a good job of eating well! Hummus with oatcakes is a lovely option for lunch—the combination of low-GL carbohydrate in the oatcakes with the protein and healthy fat in the hummus will fill her up and supply her with consistent energy. I’m pleased to hear Stacey forgoes chocolate and biscuits in favour of fresh fruit too. As well as bananas, she may wish to incorporate lower sugar options such as apples, plums and berries. It’s brilliant that Stacey makes time to eat with her husband in the evenings, as studies show that how we eat is almost as important as what we eat. Dining in a relaxed manner will support her digestion and enhance her nutrient absorption.


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