Nairn's opens a new gluten free bakery

Nairn's gluten free factory

Introducing you to our new gluten free bakery

In recent years, we’ve noticed that the demand for coeliac-friendly foods is on the rise. Our gluten free factories were working at capacity to try and match the demand. With more and more people opting for a gluten free diet, we realised it was time for us to open a brand new, gluten free factory.

Located on the outskirts of Edinburgh, our latest state of the art manufacturing operation will allow us to make even more of the current gluten free range that you know (including oatcakes, cereals, Biscuit Breaks and snacks) and also add some exciting new additions.

Meeting the demand for gluten free snacks

As one of the UK’s top three gluten free producers*, we’re delighted to have been able to invest £6.5m in our state of the art manufacturing operation, meaning that we’ll be able to meet the growing demand for tasty, gluten free products.

We’ll even have the chance to dedicate some time to thinking up new ideas to meet the needs of gluten free food fans all over the country.  

Gluten free products you can trust 

Naturally, oats don’t contain gluten but can be contaminated by other grains. Our gluten free oats are carefully sourced, farmed and milled to ensure they are safe to eat. We then make all of our products in our dedicated gluten free bakery. 

We know how important it is to be able to trust the food you’re eating which is why all our gluten free products have the crossed grain logo. That means that when you pick up a packet of our gluten free oatcakes or Biscuit Breaks, you can be confident they’re safe for you to eat.

Experts in oats (and wholesome snacks) 

At Nairn’s, we know and love our oats – we’ve been baking with them for over 100 years. We think oats are a wonderful, wholesome food and we love the different nutritious ways that they can be enjoyed. One of the best things about oats is the fact that they’re high in fibre – so we have a great basis for creating delicious, wholegrain snacks which can help to keep you going. 

Our range currently includes everything from breakfast cereals and porridges to on-the-go snacks and hearty oatcakes that make a great accompaniment to any meal. With delicious products like these, it’s easy to enjoy a gluten free diet that’s full of variety and flavour.  

If you’re searching for some inspiration in the kitchen, check out our top gluten free tips from influential British bloggers to find a few new recipes and ideas to have some fun with. We’ve also put together a selection of protein rich toppings for oats for you to try, perfect for helping you to make sure your gluten free diet is as balanced, varied and tasty as possible. 


*based on Mintel Free From Report, Jan 2016.

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