GLBTO quiz

What is Meant by 'slow release' energy?

It fuels you throughout the day! Slow release energy is that which, instead of supplying you with a big spike of energy, keeps you going for a sustained period of time. Usually found in foods with high protein and complex carbohydrates. 

How many calories are in 40g of oats?

40g of oats, about half a cup, is our recommended serving for a nutritious breakfast and it only contains 147 calories. Pretty good?

What makes oats such a great source of energy?

All of the above! Oats are definitely hard workers! Full of protein, slow release energy and fibre you can be sure they’ll keep you going through the day.

'More energy = more control over your appetite.' The real deal or fake news?

This is true: the better fuelled you are the less likely you are to fall victim to snacking temptation!

which of these food types contains the most amount of fibre?

Half a cup of porridge oats contains 4 grams of fibre, which means you are well on your way to hitting that 30g a day recommendation.

Sugary snacks...

Sugary snacks do give us an energy boost - but it doesn't last! This is what gives us that sluggish, slump feeling.

You can avoid the post-lunch 'slump' by...

Swapping a slice of bread out for 2 oatcakes will give you double the fibre and half the calories. 


Fibre helps balance your blood sugar. Double your fibre (and still enjoy something tasty) by swapping that white bread sandwich for just two oatcakes. Oh, and it's half the calories too. 

The term 'gi' refers to...

'GI' stands for Glycemic index which is used to tell us how certain foods will affect your blood sugar levels. A low GI means they're slowly absorbed (and give us a slower release of energy), while a high GI means a quick spike in blood sugar. 

A calorie is...

A calorie is a unit of energy found in foods. The more calories, the more energy. When we eat more than we use up, our bodies turn them into fat.

Hmm... Maybe refuel and try again?
A valiant effort. You certainly know a thing or two.
Wow, you really know your oats!

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